Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Cellnovo Diabetes Management System:

What is in the Cellnovo Starter Kit and the Cellnovo Supply Kit ?


The Starter Kit is comprised of:

  • Instructions for Use
  • Cellnovo Handset x 1
  • Cellnovo Pumps x 2
  • Charging Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Travel Caps x 2
  • Screen Cloth


We also supply an accessory pack which includes

  • BG test Strips – Roche Aviva x 50
  • Cannula insertion device
  • Insulin Cartridge insertion device


The Supply kit is comprised of:

  • Insulin Cartridges X10
  • Infusion Set X10 (with choice of cannula steel or teflon)
  • Filling Kit Syringe X10
  • Filling Kit Needle X10
  • Skin Patch X15
  • Pump Patch X4


Is the Cellnovo System reimbursed?


Yes, our System is fully reimbursed in United Kingdom, France, Italy and The Netherlands.


Is the Cellnovo pump waterproof?


Yes, it is waterproof, so you can swim, bath, shower and get it wet. 


What type of connection is used?


The communication between the Handset and the Pump is via a technology called ANT, which is much like Bluetooth frequency. The Handset sends data to the Cellnovo online platform via a SIM card that can be connected to any worldwide mobile network. Cellnovo covers the charges associated to the SIM card usage.


Do you provide training for doctors and nurses and patients?


Yes, with prior request we provide training sessions in France and the United Kingdom.


How long does the battery last?


The whole system is fully guaranteed for four years, battery included.

The handset battery last for approximately 36 hours depending on usage. We recommend charging your handset every night as you would with your mobile phone. The pump batteries last for around 3 days or, to be exact how long it takes you to use 150 units of insulin. You get two pumps and each needs recharging for 3 hours prior to use.


What are the unique characteristics of the Cellnovo System?


  • A Blood glucose meter integrated into the Handset, which uses Roche Aviva or Performa strips
  • Option to input BG results manually from a CGM or other BG device 
  • Physical activity monitor
  • Detachable and repositionable
  • Ability to wear what you want without worrying about tubes
  • Accuracy of Insulin delivery
  • Rapid Occlusion detection
  • Encrypted and fully secured data
  • Online connection enabling patients and clinicians to access the same information


Download the Cellnovo Product Brochure to find out more