Ariyana Salek’s Story

Living with #T1D, Detachable, Small and discreet, Connected, Simple to use

Overnights and sleepovers


When 10-year-old Ariyana Salek was using multiple daily injections to manage her Type 1, she wasn’t allowed to go on sleepovers.

She had to miss an overnight retreat at her local Rainbow girls’ club in Cambridge and hear about the shenanigans the day after.

Invitations from schoolmates were declined. Pillow fights and hushed fits of giggles missed.

But life has changed dramatically for Ariyana since going onto the Cellnovo System, which allows her mother, Tracy Assari, to monitor her daughter’s blood glucose levels and insulin dosage remotely, thanks to the system’s online platform and real-time data reporting which is displayed automatically and captured securely, via secure servers.


“My daughter started using the Cellnovo System in April 2014 and it has completely changed our lives. She is now 10 years old and can self-manage most of her diabetes care as the system is so easy to use. It has given me peace of mind as I’m able to access her data remotely and check she is OK when she’s as school and if she has taken her meal-time bolus. We’re very happy with the pump, we would not change it,” Tracy said.


Recently, Ariyana was allowed to sleep over at her best friend’s house down the road, where the two played in the garden with the family cat and watched a scary movie while snacking on popcorn.

It’s a major development for Ariyana since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2012. A development that has helped her lead — as close to possible — the life of a normal 10-year-old, Tracy said.


My pumps: Rainbow and Felicity


'My pumps are called Rainbow and Felicity. I love how small they are. No one knows I have one on. All my favourite foods are in my food library so I don’t have to remember all the carbs for what I’m eating. When we go on holiday I can take it off if I want and play for hours in the pool. Cellnovo makes taking care of my diabetes easier for me.'




Life before Cellnovo was challenging, particularly at night when Tracy would have to wake up one to two times a night to test and administer insulin shots.

Ariyana was no fan of the injections either.

“Sometimes I would bleed and bruise,” she said.

When it was time to move to an insulin pump, Ariyana was given the opportunity to use a dummy to try out a tethered pump, the Cellnovo pump and a patch pump.

There was no contest.






Waterproof and tubeless


Unlike the patch pump tested, Cellnovo’s pump can be detached and re-attached, allowing Ariyana the complete freedom to reposition at any time and as often as she likes, without having to re-insert a new cannula every time.



And — though the Cellnovo pump is waterproof — it means that Ariyana can take it off whenever she wants for brief reprieves. For instance, when she goes swimming she can take it off and snap it back into place when she gets out of the pool.


Likewise, Cellnovo scored another big advantage in Ariyana’s books for being tubeless. So, she doesn’t have to think about where to the tubes might need to be tucked in. That means she’s able to wear pretty dresses like her favorite orange frock with straps, the one she’ll be wearing to her school disco soon.


The ability to access this type of detailed, real-time data is increasingly, the way of the future.




Less stress for Mum


Since going onto the Cellnovo System in 2014, Tracy says she hasn’t been getting as many calls from Ariyana’s school while she’s at work.


“I don’t stress as much as I used to.” said Tracy

“I have much more peace of mind.”


“My daughter does a lot of activities where she’s not with me and the Cellnovo System keeps me reassured. Her data gets sent to me in real time and I can access it on my phone. The activity sensor shows me how active she has been during the day and how different sports could affect her levels. With the online journal system, we no longer have to write anything down. Everything is automatically recorded, accessible and my job made that bit easier as a parent to review her patterns and activities.

No longer does Ariyana have to slip away at school to give herself an injection and face the barrage of questions and from curious schoolmates. 

“I didn’t like explaining what I was doing and everyone asking so many questions,” she said.  “Sometimes it would get annoying.”  

Instead, be it at school or in a restaurant, all Ariyana or Tracy has to do is pull out the handset which passes easily as a smartphone, and deliver her insulin with a few taps on the touchscreen.

Above all, Tracy also credits the Cellnovo System for producing positive changes in her daughter.

“She’s growing up to be a confident little girl”

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