Emma Rochester’s Story

Living with #T1D, Small and discreet, Simple to use

Constant worries, careful considerations


Emma Rochester has spent her whole life being reminded of the importance of taking care of herself and managing her Type 1 diabetes.

Emma was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was five years old. Every day since then, she has had to carefully consider every choice she makes, be it in regards to food or physical activity, as it can have consequences on her overall health and wellbeing.

“I’m constantly worrying about complications,” Emma, 43 said. “People without diabetes don’t usually have to think as much about how their body is going to react to stress, anxiety, excitement, all of which can affect blood glucose levels. It would be nice to go 24 hours without having to worry about what I put in my mouth or what my body is doing. For me, staying positive can sometimes be a challenge.”


Switching from tethered to tubeless


As others living with Type 1 can attest, there is no break. For Emma, that also extends to sleep.

When she was using a tethered pump, Emma, a medical secretary from Plymouth, rarely got a good night’s sleep.

She would wake up every two to three hours, mindful of how she turned over in bed, worried she might pull out the cannula, or that her dogs would stand on the tubing and rip it straight out, as has happened before.


“I couldn’t sleep properly with it. The tubing drags behind you all night, and I was always worried about pulling out the cannula,” Emma said from her home in Plymouth.


Since switching to the tubeless Cellnovo Diabetes Management System which is affixed to the body and comparable to the size of a matchbox, Emma has rediscovered the satisfaction of falling into an uninterrupted sleeping pattern.

She now logs between six to seven hours of quality sleep a night, she says, a far cry from her nightly average on the tethered pump.


“I’m not feeling as lethargic as I did before. In the mornings I have more energy and feel brighter.”


A new wardrobe


In going from a tethered to a wearable, connected pump, Emma also gained a new wardrobe, without having to buy a thing.

While she was using a tethered pump, the satin underclothes and dresses she had previously been able to wear when using injections were stashed away at the back of her closet.

In March, however, Emma was able to pull out one of her favourite LBDs — Little Black Dresses — and take it out for a spin during a weekend getaway to Birmingham where she went for dinner at the hotel casino.




“It sounds trivial, but to be able to wear these types of things again, satin underclothes and dresses, is really nice. I can wear whatever I want again.”




Emma may never be able to go 24 hours without thinking about her diabetes. But she said devices like the Cellnovo System can help ease some of the burden, both on a physical and psychological level.


“I worry a lot less. When you worry less, you’re calmer. That can have a positive impact on your blood sugar levels.”