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Tucking into a nine-course tasting menu


During a recent family holiday in Iceland, Jenni tucked into a nine-course tasting menu that ended with a decadent chocolate fondant.

Instead of having to withdraw from the table to administer several boluses throughout the meal using her insulin pen, as she would have had to do just a few months before, Jenni was able to celebrate her father’s 60th birthday with everyone else, without any interruptions. No joke went unheard, and no family story was missed, thanks to her new insulin pump.

The evening marked her father’s milestone birthday, but also represented a new chapter in Jenni’s life: The end of 25 years of managing her diabetes through multiple daily injections.

Jenni was able to indulge in the meal knowing that the Cellnovo Diabetes Management System was working quietly in the background, delivering insulin continuously into her body, and with the peace of mind that she could control the quantity and timing of the insulin delivery from a simple touchscreen handset controller.


“In the past, I would have had to get up and do about three injections throughout the evening. But this time, all I had to do was set up the device to deliver a multi-phase bolus and then I forgot about my diabetes for the rest of the meal,”said the 30-year-old event manager from London.



Using the food library and bolus calculator


Using the touchscreen handset, which has the look and feel of a smart phone, Jenni could enter details of her meal into the food library.

The Cellnovo System then helped with the hard work of calculating the amount of insulin needed to offset her carbohydrate intake.

After validating the insulin dosage, Jenni sat back and enjoyed the evening knowing that the Cellnovo pump was doing its job.


“I’m quite strict about what I eat because I get scared of my blood sugar levels rising, but with the Cellnovo pump, I’m much more relaxed,” she said. “I can eat a slice of pizza occasionally. It offers more flexibility.”



In addition to taking the guesswork out of calculating the correct insulin dosage, the Cellnovo System also sends the user’s clinical data to an online platform that can be accessed in real-time.

Information is presented as charts and graphs to help users to identify patterns in their blood glucose levels.


Adjusting her basal rate


In Jenni’s case, after a few weeks of analysing her own data, she realized her blood glucose levels tended to creep up around 4 am.

After consulting with her care team and making a few minor adjustments to her basal rate, the spikes stabilised and she no longer needed to wake up in the middle of the night to administer insulin.


A good fit for her busy lifestyle


Jenni has grown fond of the diabetes management device that has helped improve her quality of life and she has affectionately named her insulin pump, Beryl, which is the name her mother would have given their family dog had they had one.

The Cellnovo pump’s slim, discreet size, and waterproof features have been helpful for Jenni’s busy life as an event manager whose activities range from swimming, spinning, Pilates, hiking and badminton.



“In the first week I took it through its paces,” she said. “I made sure I could do everything I would normally do with it. It’s everything that it needs to be: Flexible, discreet and easy to use.”


Jenni was happy that she was able to wear a bikini during her trip to Vietnam and Cambodia this year. This is possible because the Cellnovo pump is waterproof and has a very short tube. She will also have the option of taking it off for a swim and putting it back on easily afterwards without having to throw out the old pump for a new one. This is because the Cellnovo pump is completely detachable and attachable, as often as she needs it to be.


Easier management, more confidence 


“The Cellnovo System has made my life so much more flexible. It has made it easier to manage my diabetes. I feel more confident.”



Recently, in a post on her Instagram account, Jenni was happy to share some good news: “A1c From 8.1 two months ago to 7.2 today, all thanks to Beryl, my wonderful @cellnovo pump, next time I WILL be in the 6's 😊.”


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