Kim Kemps’ Story

Living with #T1D, Small and discreet, Simple to use

Simple pleasures


Kim Kemp is looking forward to her holiday in France this summer.

For the first time in 24 years, she won’t have to plan extra snacks or think about the next time she has to give herself injections during the long drive from her home in Plymouth, UK, to the French camp site.

On the way back, for instance, when the family has to wake up at 4 am to make the ferry on time, she’ll be able to simply climb into the car with the rest of her bleary-eyed family knowing that her insulin levels are in check with her Cellnovo pump.

There will be no need to force herself to have an early breakfast to manage her BG levels or administer any injections.

It’s the simple pleasures like this that Kim, 58, has rediscovered since going onto the Cellnovo System.



Eating and sleeping whenever she wants


Instead of having to schedule her meals at the same time every day -- 7:30 am for breakfast, 12:30 pm for lunch and 5:30 pm for dinner -- she can choose to eat earlier or later if she wants to.

This is particularly convenient in a household with two teenagers.

Kim-001.jpgIf it’s someone’s birthday and she’s offered a piece of cake, she no longer has to decline and watch others ooh and ahh about how good it is.

All she has to do is adjust her bolus insulin on the discrete smartphone-like handset.

And instead of having to wake up or go to bed at strict times in order to give herself injections, Kim has rediscovered the luxury of being able to sleep whenever she wants.


“It’s allowed me to be a lot more flexible,” Kim said.




Opting for a tubeless pump


When first presented with her options, Kim knew straight away that she didn’t want a traditional tethered pump.


“I was put off by the idea of being connected to a tube,”she said.

“It reminded me of being in hospital, being ill and on a drip.”


Kim first tried a common brand of patch pump but didn’t get on with it as well as she would have liked.

“My experience with the customer service wasn’t brilliant,”she said. “Something kept going wrong, but no one could really tell me what the issue was I felt like I was on my own.”


That experience stands in stark contrast to her experience with the Cellnovo customer service team.

Kim-021.jpgWhen she was having problems with a cartridge one night and had to call at midnight, at 2 am and then 3:30 am, the Cellnovo customer service representatives handled her questions with patience and understanding, she said.

“The reps stayed perfectly calm and talked me through everything. Cellnovo gets 150 percent for supporting me and being there when I need them. I always have my second pump as a back up as well which is really reassuring and means I don’t have to go back to injections when there is a problem”

Since going onto the Cellnovo System, Kim says she’s also experienced fewer episodes of hypos and hypers: On injections, she was out of range at least once a day.


“What I really appreciate, is how it’s improved my quality of life.”