Leigh Rickards’ Story

Living with #T1D, Connected, Activity tracker, Simple to use

Going from injections to pump therapy


Leigh Rickards misses nothing about having to field questions or dodge strange looks from strangers when he had to administer daily injections of insulin in public.

He learned to ignore the looks from people who mistook why he was injecting and had stock answers ready for the times he’d have to launch into explanations.

The injections proved especially delicate when he was entertaining clients as part of his job.



The challenges of being on the road


As a medical representative for medical mannequins and a Regional Manager responsible for South West England, Leigh, 33, is on the road a lot.


Leigh-015.jpgBefore discovering the Cellnovo System, he would have to estimate the amount of insulin to administer with his food before settling in for a long drive and stopping regularly to check his blood glucose levels to make sure he wasn’t hypo.

More often than not, an hour or two into his journey, the onset of symptoms associated with hypoglycaemia would strike, forcing him to pull over to a service station, treat his hypo, and wait 45 minutes for his blood glucose levels to get back to the right level

That was 45 minutes of lost work time.

But with Cellnovo’s three-part smart system which automatically calibrates the amount of insulin to administer depending on food intake and activity, Leigh doesn’t worry about being late for an important meeting because he’s stuck on the road with blood glucose levels that violate driving laws.

The system also allows users to administer a bolus or reduce basal insulin manually if something unexpected happens like traffic delays or unplanned exercise.


“I eat what I want to eat and do what I want to do and adjust the rate of insulin levels.”


Newfound confidence for long-distance bike rides


Leigh-007.jpgThe system’s online platform also allow him to identify trends in his blood glucose level and access the data at any time for better management, be it on or off the road.

Since going on the Cellnovo pump last autumn, Leigh has gained the confidence to sign up for an endurance test, a charity bike ride that will span 60 miles and about three hours.

It will mark his first endurance challenge since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three years ago.


Said Leigh,“It’s now much easier to live the life that I want to live and not be ruled by diabetes.”