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Lindsay's Story

Living with #T1D, Small and discreet, Simple to use

Struggling to control BG levels


When Lindsay's blood glucose levels got out of control despite her best efforts, things began to unravel, one after the other.

Despite making healthy eating choices, she wasn’t able to control her blood glucose levels and get within an optimal range. 

Eventually, the self-confessed fitness addict no longer had the strength or energy to go to her strength training sessions or high impact aerobics classes.


“I was doing all the right things but nothing I did seemed to work. I felt like a failure.” said Lindsay, who is a medical secretary in Birmingham, UK.



For a year, Lindsay’s daily life revolved around the struggle and disappointment of not being able to get her body to cooperate.





“I felt like I was banging my head against the wall. My body just wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.”







Switching to a patch pump


After being on multiple daily injections and then a tethered pump, Lindsay, 29, switched to a popular patch pump, enticed by its tubeless feature and small design.

But that didn’t work for Lindsay, either.

For months, she did her best to make the right adjustments, but it was an uphill battle.

The final straw was when she developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the pump and broke out in skin rashes.

To combat the overwhelming feelings of frustration and defeat, Lindsay was put on antidepressants.





“I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.



Then in 2016, Lindsay stumbled upon an opening in that tunnel, after switching to the Cellnovo insulin pump.






Discovering the Cellnovo pump


Like the patch pump she previously tried, the Cellnovo insulin pump appealed to her because of its small, discreet size. She was pleased to discover that it had the additional advantage of being detachable, which allowed her to take it off whenever she needed, as many times as she wished. 

After making the switch to the Cellnovo insulin pump, Lindsay said she began to regain control of her blood glucose levels again using the many features designed to help fine-tune the insulin dosage, while tracking daily food intake and activity.

Lindsay used the food library to build her own personalised list of favourite foods with their corresponding carbohydrate values.

Now, every time she eats, all she has to do is pull out the touchscreen handset designed to be as easy to use as a smartphone, select the foods she’s about to consume. She knows that the food app will automatically upload all her data to Cellnovo Online where she can later check for important trends and events.

Then there’s the built-in activity tracker which is particularly useful for Lindsay who returned to the gym after a frustrating hiatus.


“It helps me spot patterns with my blood sugar levels, for example, during exercise, so that I can identify when I may need more insulin and when I may need less.”



That’s because all her data – blood glucose levels and activity levels — are uploaded wirelessly to an online platform that breaks down the information in easy-to-read graphs and charts so that users can track their progress from anywhere, at any time. *


“The Cellnovo insulin pump has made my life more stress-free,” Lindsay said. “The pump is user-friendly and makes it easier to manage my diabetes.”


After the gym, she can also jump in the shower without taking off the pump because it is completely waterproof.

And far from clunky, conspicuous tethered pumps which were, in her opinion, not as adapted for high-intensity aerobic exercises, or weighed her down during runs, the Cellnovo insulin pump’s small, discreet design helps bring a sense of normalcy back to her workouts, she said.

What’s more, Lindsay is now off her antidepressants.


“I feel like things are falling into place. Like I’ve taken control back in my life,” she said.


“I feel happier.”




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