Ralph's Story

Living with #T1D, Connected, Activity tracker, Simple to use

An affinity for all things technologically advanced


Perhaps it’s because he is an engineer, but Ralph has always had a particular affinity for all things technologically advanced, efficient, user-friendly and solutions-based.

He’s into systems that are moving forward, not taking two steps back.

So, when he was forced to switch back to manual daily control after being on an automated monitoring system, following a move from France to the UK, Ralph felt like he’d reversed all the progress he’d made over the last three years.


“My diabetes degraded dramatically.”said the 41-year-old from Plymouth. “Within a year, I went back 10 years in the management of my diabetes.”



Deciding on an insulin pump 


Ralph knew he needed to regain control. He attended an information session where patients were presented with a variety of insulin pump options. It was the final pump, the Cellnovo Diabetes Management System, that immediately grabbed his attention.


“The technology is much more advanced than any other product on the market,” he said. “Cellnovo pushes the boundaries.”


Since making the switch two months ago, Ralph hasn’t looked back.


Regaining control of an ideal lifestyle


Ralph says that the Cellnovo System has helped him to regain a lifestyle that is ideal for him. With very little effort, he says he has been able to shed 4 kgs of stubborn, age-related weight that he hadn’t been able to shake over the last few years.

He recently signed up to join a basketball team, picking up an old hobby that got cast aside when he couldn’t fit it into the management of his diabetes.

At work, he no longer has to excuse himself during important client meetings to administer an injection.


The freedom to match lifestyle to treatment


Likewise, mealtimes are no longer exercises in mental calculations or set in stone as they were before.


“You are fully in control. You have the absolute freedom to match your lifestyle to your treatment in a much easier way than you would with normal injections.”


That’s because the Cellnovo System is designed with an active lifestyle in mind.

Unlike tethered pumps, the Cellnovo insulin pump is the size of a tea bag. It attaches directly to the body with an adhesive.


“I love how convenient and discreet is it.”


The pump’s temporary basal setting feature allows users to adjust their insulin levels if they’re about to engage in extended physical activity, or if they want to eat more — or less — during a particular mealtime.


“You don’t have to plan your day out 24 hours in advance,” Ralph said. “You have the freedom to control your life in real time.”


Using the digital food library


In addition to an integrated blood glucose meter, the Cellnovo handset also doubles as a digital food logbook.

Once users build their personal food library and corresponding carbohydrate values, they simply tap the foods they’re about to eat into the smartphone-like device which helps make the calculations needed for a bolus. Validating the suggested dose of insulin allows the pump to begin administering the dosage.


Fine-tuning his insulin intake


For Ralph, the ability to fine-tune his insulin intake, with guidance from his care team, has helped him reduce his overall insulin levels by 30 percent.


“Cellnovo has changed my life dramatically.”



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