Benjamin's Story

Living with #T1D, Connected, Simple to use

Living with a classic case of Dawn Phenomenon


Before switching to the Cellnovo Diabetes Management System, Benjamin, 19, had to set his alarm to administer an injection for the middle of the night.

Benjamin lived with a classic case of Dawn Phenomenon, an early-morning increase in blood glucose levels, which would begin at around 3 am and last until noon.

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Leigh Rickards’ Story

Living with #T1D, Activity tracker, Simple to use, Connected

Going from injections to pump therapy


Leigh Rickards misses nothing about having to field questions or dodge strange looks from strangers when he had to administer daily injections of insulin in public.

He learned to ignore the looks from people who mistook why he was injecting and had stock answers ready for the times he’d have to launch into explanations.

The injections proved especially delicate when he was entertaining clients as part of his job.


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Shiplo Zaman’s Story

Living with #T1D, Simple to use, Connected, Activity tracker

Determined to make big changes


These days, Shiplo Zaman is a different man. Over the past year and a half, he lost 18 kg and has regained his body from his early 20s. Just last January, at 90 kg and with a BMI of 31, he was told he was clinically obese. He was also struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

As a person with Type 1 diabetes, this only added to the daily challenge of managing his blood glucose levels, which at that point, were fluctuating drastically.

Feeling unwell, unhappy, and frustrated, Shiplo realised he needed to make a change – a big one.


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Ariyana Salek’s Story

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Overnights and sleepovers


When 10-year-old Ariyana Salek was using multiple daily injections to manage her Type 1, she wasn’t allowed to go on sleepovers.

She had to miss an overnight retreat at her local Rainbow girls’ club in Cambridge and hear about the shenanigans the day after.

Invitations from schoolmates were declined. Pillow fights and hushed fits of giggles missed.

But life has changed dramatically for Ariyana since going onto the Cellnovo System, which allows her mother, Tracy Assari, to monitor her daughter’s blood glucose levels and insulin dosage remotely, thanks to the system’s online platform and real-time data reporting which is displayed automatically and captured securely, via secure servers.

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Sam Irvine’s Story

Living with #T1D, Simple to use, Small and discreet, Connected

Dailly routines


Every day before Ruth Irvine leaves the house for work, she sneaks into her son’s room to do a blood glucose reading while he’s still sleeping.

She grabs his hand, pricks the tip of his finger and checks out his blood glucose reading to make sure he’s within range.

Sam, who is 18, is now used to it and doesn’t mind as much as be used to.

It’s become a daily routine for the two, since Sam was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11.

 Click here to watch the video of Sam's story featured on the NHS Alliance  programme "Communities of Care"

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Sally Read’s Story

Small and discreet, Connected, Simple to use, Living with #T1D

Diabetes and food


When you’re diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of five, and every meal from that moment on must be converted or calculated and meticulously timed, your relationship to food becomes drastically different from those who live without the condition.

For nearly 42 years, Sally Read has never known the carefree pleasure of tucking into a plate of pasta Bolognese, for example, without having to make mental calculations about the quantity of carbohydrates or worrying about the potential consequences of miscalculating the amount of insulin necessary to balance it out.


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