Anita Hanson’s Story

Living with #T1D, Detachable, Small and discreet, Activity tracker, Simple to use

Switching from MDI to insulin pump therapy


Anita Hanson is no longer a slave to time.

Over the last two years, Anita has rediscovered the joys of shutting off her alarm clock on weekends and having a leisurely lie-in.

When out with friends, she no longer keeps her eye on the clock to make mental calculations on when she’ll need to go home to administer an injection.

Life is more flexible and a little less regimented since switching from multiple daily injections to the Cellnovo Diabetes Management System.

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Ariyana Salek’s Story

Living with #T1D, Detachable, Small and discreet, Connected, Simple to use

Overnights and sleepovers


When 10-year-old Ariyana Salek was using multiple daily injections to manage her Type 1, she wasn’t allowed to go on sleepovers.

She had to miss an overnight retreat at her local Rainbow girls’ club in Cambridge and hear about the shenanigans the day after.

Invitations from schoolmates were declined. Pillow fights and hushed fits of giggles missed.

But life has changed dramatically for Ariyana since going onto the Cellnovo System, which allows her mother, Tracy Assari, to monitor her daughter’s blood glucose levels and insulin dosage remotely, thanks to the system’s online platform and real-time data reporting which is displayed automatically and captured securely, via secure servers.

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